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Banned Books 2014

Banned Books, Spindletop Design

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating freedom of speech and the freedom to read. Usually held the last week of September, Banned Books Week seeks to bring together the community for a discussion on the value of open access to information and the cultural value it provides.

For the last few years, Brazos Bookstore, a beloved Houston independent bookseller, has invited us and Workhorse Printmakers to their event to create printed ephemera focusing attention on the cause while serving to enthuse lovers of print and reading.

We create posters to promote the event and in addition, bring a press onsite for the day allowing visitors to print their own special piece (the decoder poster above).

Below is the second in a series of posters we have designed and letterpress printed with icons for 16 books that have either been banned in the past or are currently being challenged.

Banned Books poster


See more about the Decoder poster we created for 2014 on Under Consideration’s FPO site here.