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The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston – Outtakes

We’ve just wrapped up My Table’s “The Ultimate Food Lover’s Guide to Houston” – as this is being typed, the complete book is working its way through the hands of the printer.

Needless to say, the guide has been a wonderful project to have been apart of and we’re thankful that My Table called upon us to work with them. It’s been a great opportunity to establish a presentation which captures the wealth of culture and style through food that Houston has to offer.

Along with running the text for 352 pages worth of listings for Restaurants, Bakeries, Markets, Bars and more, we spent a great deal of time choosing which would have photos and scheduling days to go shoot them – and WHO would go WHERE. While John Earles did his fair share of shots, we are indebted to the help of Tyler Swanner, Clark Lara, and immensely to Will Hardin, for his camera magic and whom drove all over town to most locations with me.

While we would have rough ideas on specific shots to get for most things, inevitably there were things that we felt were worth capturing – in the hopes of extra place to squeeze into the book. Only so many fit and we’re left with a slew of some really amazing images. Not to mention, all images within the book are in black and white.

Here are just a few of my own from Houston’s beloved Spec’s and Pete’s Fine Meats.